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Helpful Links and Information on PFVS

I am just getting started so bare with me. I will add to this page as we receive further information.

Family Connect   

Family Connect is a great website for parents of children with visual impairments. It was created by American Foundation for the Blind ( and the National Association for Parents of Children with Visual Imapirments (

Wonderbaby        , a project funded by Perkins School for the Blind, is dedicated to helping parents of young children with vision impairments as well as children with multiple disabilities. Here you'll find a database of articles written by parents who want to share with others what they've learned about playing with and teaching a blind child, as well as links to meaningful resources and ways to connect with other families.

Thomas Marshall Does it All      

This blog is by a woman named Jessica that is such an inspiration. A friend of mine found her blog while doing research on Max's condition. It brought much relief and hope to our family. Her son Tom is a sweet little fella with Persistant Fetal Vasculature. I have learned so much from this blog and Jessica inspired me to start my own blog for Max. THANK YOU JESSICA and TOM!!!!

Bilateral persistent fetal vasculature: a study of 11 cases.   -NC Services for the Blind

Products for Visually Impaired Children

Blind Children's Resource Center

Resources for Parents of Blind Children