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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Deuce BABY!!!

It has been a while since I wrote and there is soooo much to write about!

For starters Max was accepted in a program at the Governor Morehead School for the Blind. A sweet lady name Susan comes to our house twice a month to work with Max. Susan and another lady from CDSA-Children's Developmental Service Agency, name Pam came last Wednesday. They both fell in love with my Sweet Max...I mean how could you not....let's be real!

Pam did an E-LAP (Early Learning Accomplishment Profile) assesment on Max and was excited to report that he is right on target (9 month old level) on all skills and a 12 month level on motor skills....WOOOO HOOOO! GO MAX!

They were both very positive and hopeful for Max. Susan who specializes in visually impaired children (for 27+ years) even said he may not even have to read braile........."Come again", I said... I could not believe it...yes I could, but seriously....there is absolutely no way you can doubt God! Right there in my living room...there he was...again...yes I am talking about God folks. I'm thinkin' he was probably chillin' on our big comfy brown chair enjoying Dino Dan on the tube while listening in on Max's assessment. When Pam got to the part of the assessment where she tested Max's motor skills...I'm quite certain God bopped Max on the head with his "Holy-Oh yes I can" wand.


So anywho...he is doing really great. He is crawling all over the dang place. I swear I saw smoke behind him the other day-he gets around so fast. You would never know he had PFV...he goes straight to what he, food, food, more food, bottles, everything. The latest new thing is the words he started saying....

I was feeding him the other night and I have made a habit of repeating what things are over and over and putting his hand on whatever it is so he can feel it and know what it is...just in case he can't clearly make them out. So anyway I was feeding him mac and cheese and each bite I'd say "mmm nummy nummy cheese". Now I do this everytime I feed him..."mmm nummy nummy green beans" etc...well this was his first experience with the mac and cheese folks. Right before the last bite as always I said "okay Mr. Max, last bite, make it a good one"....and right after he swallowed that last bite of his mac and cheese...he opened his mouth wide for another bite. I said "all gone"...Do you know this kid shook his head no-no and said in a voice like someone with a voice box, with a chin to chest, eyes lookin' up,  angry look=CHEEEESE?! OH BOY...I got scared so what did I do? the kid more CHEESE! He got through half of the other mac and cheese and said DEUCE. I was puzzled...Did he poopy aka drop a deuce? Does he want to play poker? Is he straight tellin' me he is on his deuce serving of mac and cheese? Well he said it again and...AND I tell ya...he POINTED at his DEUCE...POINTED people...(inserting black church choir here)....HE SEES HIS JUICE and he POINTED at it. I freaked! I yelped and clapped and carried on. I said "yes baby....very good"...He was over it and not impressed with my cheering skills. He looked at me, rolled his eyes, through his hands in the air, palms up, pointed at the juice again and said Mama...really? Can I get my deuce please?! I have never been so happy to give my Max deuce ever!!!! I just really love me some deuce now!

A few weeks ago I picked Max up from school (daycare). We were havin' a Max-Mama jam out session to BEP's My Humps. When the song was over I heard Max carrying on a 1 man convo. in the back seat and all this time I had thought he was enjoying my sining'...anyway I tunred the music off and just listened to him...Max:"Olly a bob wa, tay n na weend, scootn, BABY..." Oh it was so cute how he said it...and I said baby back and he said it again; so the whole 10 minute drive home from his school, Max and I did a remix of Baby Got Back....Max would say BABY and I'd say got milk...he thought it was so funny, well not really, but I thought it was so tooshay people...tooshay!

We are really enjoying all these little things...he does something new everyday it seems like.