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Friday, June 24, 2011

Morg has officially had a "Coming to Jesus Moment"... latest coming to Jesus moment! Yesterday on my way home from work my emotions took over me. I was on my way home, driving down highway 40 as I have for the past 6 years. This day was different though...I was jamming out to my ipod and Reba McEntyre's song "If you SEE Him" came on. I looooost it people! I started balling! Now when I hear the words see, look, drive, picture this....or anything related to sight it takes me right back to that God awful consultaion room...where I was told my son is permanently visually impaired.

I of course hit the next button and it was the Zac Brown Band..."Free". I turned it up and got myself together. Low and behold Zac busted out with "All you neeeeed is LOOOOOOOOOVE!" Oh boy! Tears of joy started pouring out of my eyes. Here is where I had my coming to Jesus moment. I hit repeat on my ipod and sang along....LOUD, I'm talking I was not on 40 anymore I was on stage with the Zac Brown Band!

I started thinking of how this unfortunate situation is a blessing in disguise so to speak. All of these thoughts started rushing into my head...Man I cannot wait to learn the guitar so I can teach Max, we can learn how to play it together....I need to get on craig's list and find a used one, we can still go to the zoo, instead of "whats dat mama" I would hear his sweet voice say "whats that smell Mama? whats that sound?", I would respond with "son that is an elephant, it is a rather large animal, and that is the obnoxious sound that it makes, like daddy when he is sleeping, and that smell son is his stinky, much like daddy's to", I picutred us laughing together about it, OH HERE IS MY PART...sing it Zac...ALL WE NEED IS LOOOOVE, WE'RE FREEE AS WILL EVER BEEEE", then I thought...shoot we will still go to Vegas, we will play the heck out of Roulette, Craps, and bang the hell out of some slot machines together and watch Max light up once the slot machine started ringing, then I realized well this mug is going to be asking me after every hit...did I win anything? how about now? Ohhh thats a longer sound I won didn't I? Whew I can mess with him on that!!!

 Black Jack is overrated any way as far as I am concerned. Then I started thinking about when he gets older tears of joy still falling down my face going down 40 singing FREE, he may not build a car with Allen, but they can workout together, and build something else-well, scratch that....maybe not build something, but I was certain they'll figure out something awesome to do together, forget that they could still build a car together...Allen: son pass me the (insert name of tool here as I know none), Max would feel the tool his dad needed and pass it to went on and on. I was excited inside. Excited to learn with Max over the years and watch him be an inspiration to people. I was getting close to my exit and Zac and I were on the part of the son that goes Lay underneath the harvest moon, do all the things that ....Just before reachin my exit I look over and there was a red honda accord idling next to me...this woman was looking at me like I had escaped from the looney bin...Now I don't know what y'all do when you get caught singing in the car but what I do and what I did in that moment, was grab my cell and lift it up in front of my face and move my mouth like I was talking to someone "Blah blah blah"....I nodded my head as I ever so slightly tilted my phone so that she could see it to ensure her I was alright...just chit chattin on muh cell phone mmm k...She zoomed off! I got off at my exit and that feeling was still in me...and still is now. I asked God to keep this feeling in me and guide me on our journey of raising Max. He sure enough will to! Thank you Jesus! Need a button to press to insert a choir at an african american church...those ladies break it down....that my friends is what I felt in that moment....My coming to Jesus moment. Praise God.


  1. I love this Morgan. So glad you are seeing things this way. Max is a precious gift and will go on to do tremendous things. I want to know what Allen has to say when he reads this one...

  2. All I can say is WOW. You are an awesome person and an equally awesome Mom! You will be a blessing to him as he will be a blessing to you and Allen.

  3. Morgan, I am so impressed. You are inspirational and funny as heck. Max is so lucky to have you for a mom, and you're really lucky to have such an adorable son.