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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Max's Obama signing in...

It is Thursday 8/25/11. My sweet Max turned 8 months on the 21st. I just cannot believe how fast he is growing.

Last Thursday we went to UNC for a second opinion on Max's eyes because I really felt like he was seeing better. His doctor's name was Dr. Ulrich and HOLY AUSSY...he sounded exactly like Shrek. Max didn't fuss at all. I had prepared myself for him to at the very least get upset during the drops to make his pupils dialate and my little fella just laughed at the nurse putting the drops in. Dr. Ulrich examined his eyes with another one of those contraptions that the dad on Honey I Shrunk the Kids wore while swinging around the back yard in search of his tiny shrunken chiRRen. Unfortunately he agreed with Dr. Toth's diagnosis from Duke...Bilatteral Persistent Fetal that not the most awful sounding thing ever!?! I will never understand why they insist on calling these terrible things such God awful, long, look-a-like how you spell the sound of a sneeze, names that nobody understands. I am going to call it "Dunno" from now on...Since thats pretty much the only answer we have gotten regarding the &^*%^ thing...What causes it? Dunno, What can we expect? Dunno, Well do you know what he can/can't see? Dunno, Can it fix itself? Dunno...Dunno...DUNNO.

You could tell Dr. Ulrich felt sympathy for us. He tried to be as positive as possible. We explained that we wouldn't change a thing and how we loved Max no matter what and that we know without a doubt he will be just fine and dandy...Then Dr. Ulrich explained (in Shrek's accent) how he has 2-8 month old, identical twin boys at home. He smiled as he told us how much he adored them and still with a smile on his face he said they both have Cystic Fibrosis...but we love them all the same and wouldn't change them for anything...


Dang...this man here much like the angel nurse at Duke just really makes you realize there are amazing people in the world and no matter how bad you think something in your own life could always be way worse.

When we left I had to go back to work. Allen had picked Max up from daycare and brought him to the appointment and I met them there. On my lonesome way back to work I remember looking at my husband drive away in my review mirror in the opposite direction. All I could think about was how my sweet, innocent little baby boy was sitting in his car seat in the backseat of my husband's truck, probably saying Obama (what he calls me) or dada, and cooing sounds-WHAT COULD HE SEE-was all I kept everything just a blurr, can he see things up close to his face??? and My eyes filled up with tears. I did that thing all us woman do when we try to get it together...I looked up, took my right hand and fanned my dern eyeballs hoping the tears would dry up and I could go on about my day and get home to Max without breaking down and jacking up my makeup before going back to work.. I had held it together so well and stayed so positive in the doctors office. I am just so sick of the unknown...I WANT ANSWERS! I want to know exactly what he can and can't see and WHY this happend to my baby! I finally made it home and there was booga boog happy as a lark in his exersaucer. He heard me come in and was just uh smilin'! Peace came over me. Thats what I had needed all day...this little guy is my happiness. There is nothing better that being a mom...especially when your the mom of the world's most awesome little guy EVER...we are going to kick "DUNNO's" ass.

Obama-mama signing out...

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